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Senior Financial and Contract officer required on a full time basis

We are currently hiring a Senior Financial and Contract officer on a full-time basis.

Main Duties

  1. Participates with technical units and BDU in developing the financial proposals for prospected projects.
  2. Ensures the implementation of the Company financial procedures concerning project payment authorization documents.
  3. Prepare weekly, monthly and yearly company’s cash flow.
  4. Reviews and approves the projects payment orders with respect of the budget items and the financial terms of projects contracts.
  5. Reviews the classification of projects expenditures with respect to the budget items.
  6. Applies cost center concept to allocate disbursements (other than personnel costs) on different projects/ activities.
  7. Manages the direct financial consultancy outsourcing contracts.
  8. Follows up the financial situation of projects with the Technical Units.
  9. Manages the Income Sheet (Planned & actual).
  10. Coordinates with MMISU Manager to ensure proper implementation of QuickBooks system for reporting, invoicing, planning & budgeting of projects’ accounts.
  11. Enters projects invoices into QuickBooks system with respect of the terms of payment.
  12. Prepares the Contract Management weekly plan.
  13. Prepares the project Financial Internal & External reports.
  14. Prepares a recap financial report for all projects (Budget/Actual/Variance) and Financial Analysis ratios and comparisons.
  15. Maintains the filing system for project accounts up to date and complete.
  16. Reviews the Taxation Ratios for projects’ accounts with the senior accounting officer and ensure compliance with taxation laws and regulations.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in finance or related subject.
  • Minimum experience of 5 years.
  • High level of communication and presentation skills.
  • High competency in dealing with a computerized accounting system.
  • Very Good written and spoken English Language.


Kindly submit your CV to the following email:

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