Description of the Project

The Consultant will conduct a comprehensive baseline study for the EU funded project; “Strengthening the Capacity and Role of Civil Society Organizations in Egypt (SCR-CSO)” in order to provide adequate information on the current formal and informal factors, influencers, and actors of the civil society in the target communities. In addition, the baseline study will provide an overview on the quality of life in Kom Ombo and West Aswan which will ultimately assist the process of setting targets for the project, as well as provide the project with solid, valid, detailed and comprehensive baseline quantitative and qualitative data to enable a mid-term and a long term evaluation based on a “before and after comparison”.

Objective of Project

The objective of SCR-CSO is strengthening at least 100 CSOs in Aswan, including Community Development Associations, and the locally-formed CSO Federation. The purpose  of the program is to ensure the aforementioned organizations are i) more vibrant and sustainable as institutions and ii) more capable of identifying and meeting the needs of the rural communities in Kom Ombo and West Aswan districts through the implementation of social and economic development projects.